We offer the building for the transport of horses, made on our own or your cars. Vehicles are suitable for the carriage of 2 (DMC to 3,5 t) up to 9 horses, with or without the living area. Characterized by low body weight of its own, durability and high performance aesthetics. The materials used in production are well-known domestic and foreign companies. Based on our own experience we use functional solutions as well as adjust to the suggestions of the payer. Particular attention will turn to the safety and comfort of horses during travel: secure floor, partitions, windows, good lighting and ventilation, monitoring. Living area, in turn, satisfy the most demanding: a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom , TV/DVD, leather upholstery, connection to the driver’s cab, access to the horses, separate sleeping area, a side extension and many other crucial elements showing a high standard.

We offer short lead times.

We also have horseboxes for immediate pick-up at competitive prices.

Furthemor, we provide repair service and modernization of existing horse trucks.


    Helenka 1a
    96-512 Młodzieszyn
  • Tel. +48 606 329 682
    Tel. +48 604 995 420
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